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Microchipping Now Compulsory for Dog Breeders

Dog breeding is a highly competitive and rewarding business. Since April 2016, changes in the law mean that all dog breeders are required to implant their dog microchips by the time their puppies are eight weeks old. While dog breeders could previously leave this up to the dog’s new owners, it is now essential to make sure your dogs are microchipped by eight weeks old. Working with a reputable microchip company means that you can offer added value to your customers. Keeping accurate records is an essential part of successful dog breeding, and this includes keeping track of your microchip numbers and transferring ownership when your pups find a new home. 

Choose A Leading Microchip Company

We offer a complete microchipping package so dog and cat breeders can take responsibility for their microchips and offer an added level of security for their customers. Our microchip database helps to reunite pet owners with their pets by using the SmartTrace microchip database. When paired with our  Halo Microchip Scanner, the process of reuniting pet owners with lost or stolen pets is faster and more efficient. This unique microchip database is continuously updated with the microchip numbers for lost or stolen animals.

The Perfect Complement to DNA Profiling

For dog and cat breeders, microchipping also offers an additional level of identification alongside pet DNA profiling. While DNA profiling might offer an absolute proof of identity, by linking this with their microchip number, your customers will have increased levels of protection from theft or fraud.

Essential Pet Care: Not Only for Cat and Dog Breeders

If you breed rabbits, horses or ferrets, you might also want to think about getting them fitted with professional microchips or mini microchips. Accidents can happen and animals can sometimes stray, which is why it is an essential part of pet care to make sure your animals are microchipped – even if they don’t normally go outside. By making sure all pets are microchipped, it will help to encourage pet owners to choose responsible pet breeders and help to stamp out illegal breeding.

How SmartChip can help your breeding business...


Our online software allows pet owners to have total control over the microchips in their pets.


Pet owners can instantly flag their pet as lost/stolen online using SmartTrace.


Our SmartTrace database gives owners the best chance of finding their pet.


Personal recovery assist manager to assist in locating the pet. **


24/7 365 days telephone support offered to all customers.


High profile social media exposure to assist in locating lost pets.

Training Courses Available

We provide expert, on site training courses to ensure you have all the skills you need to become an implanter.

Protection and piece of mind

We have an expert team on hand 24/7 at our UK customer call centre who are here to help if your pet is lost or stolen.

SmartTrace Database

Register your microchip with SmartTrace and have complete piece of mind if your pet goes missing.